Choose Where to Ship
You can choose where we will ship your package for your convenience and the ultimate security for your purchase.

Ship to the Store
We will ship your purchase - free – to Andrew’s Express Jewelers in the Northridge Fashion Center. Pick up when it is convenient for you, and get advice and answers from our jewelry pros.
Your purchase will be shipped by the United States Postal Service via Priority Mail.
There will be an additional fee for Express Mail.
You will get an email when your purchase arrives at the store.
You have 10 days from the day we sent the email to pick up your purchase.
Only you can pick up your order – we will ask you to sign for it and have a valid photo ID so that we can make sure your order is secure.

Ship to Your Door
You can have your package shipped directly to you.
We will ship your order via United States Postal Service via Priority Mail.
All deliveries must be accepted and signed for by an adult at the shipping address.
For your security, we will only ship items to the billing address for the method of payment you choose.

Tracking Your Order
We will send you an email with your tracking number and estimated arrival date.

Estimated Arrival Date
While we want to be as accurate as possible when calculating the estimated arrival date for your purchase, there are some factors that may cause that to change:
Delays in credit approval
Weather delays
Other shipping/vendor service disruptions

The Estimated Arrival Date DOES take the following into account:
Additional time needed for ring sizing
The time needed to create your personalized and special ordered items
Shipping method you selected in checkout


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